Notifier CPU-640 Replacement Board for an NFS-640 (FACP)

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Notifier CPU-640 is the Replacement Board for a Notifier Onyx NFS-640 Intelligent Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel. Power source and field programmable on panel. Can poll 318 devices in less than two seconds and activate up to 159 outputs in less than five seconds. COMPATIBLE INTELLIGENT DETECTORS: — FSP-851 Photo Detector — FSP-851T Photo Detector w/ fixed Thermal element. — FST-851 Thermal Detector, fixed — FST-851R Thermal Detector, fixed and rate-of-rise — FAPT-851 Acclimate Plus Multi-Sensor — FSC-851 IntelliQuaD Multi-Criteria Detector — FSA-8000 Intelligent FAAST Detector — FCO-851 IntelliQuaD Multi-Criteria Detector + CO detector — FMM-4-20 Gas Detection Module COMPATIBLE INTELLIGENT BASES: — B210LP Standard U.S. flanged low-profile mounting base. — B710LP Standard replacement flanged low-profile mounting base. — B501 Standard European flangeless mounting base. — B200S Intelligent, programmable sounder base — B200SR Intelligent sounder base - Replaces B501BH series bases in retrofit applications. — B224RB Plug-in System Sensor relay base. — B224BI Plug-in System Sensor isolator detector base. NOTE: All base types require an electrical backbox which is at least 1.5" (3.81 cm) deep. COMPATIBLE ADDRESSABLE DEVICES: — NBG-12LX Addressable pull station, visible LED — FMM-1 Monitor Module — FMM-101 Monitor Module Mini — FDM-1 Monitor module, dual, two independent Class B circuits — FZM-1 Monitor module, two-wire smoke detectors — FCM-1 Control Module — FRM-1 Relay Module — XP5-M Transponder, monitor, five addressable Class B circuits — XP5-C Transponder, control/relay, five addressable Class B circuits — ISO-X Isolator Module
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