Edwards EST SIGA-IPHS Intelligent 4D Multisensor Detector

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NOTE: This part is discontinued by the manufacturer. The EST SIGA-IPHS Intelligent 4D Multisensor Detector is a combination Ionization, Photoelectric, and Thermal Boost Type Smoke Detector. EST SIGA-IPHS detectors are compatible only with Signature Loop Controller. COMPATIBLE BASES and ACCESSORIES: — SIGA-SB Detector Mounting Base - Standard — SIGA-SB4 4-inch Detector Mounting Base w/ SIGA-TS4 Trim Skirt — SIGA-RB Detector Mounting Base w/Relay — SIGA-RB4 4-inch Detector Mounting Base w/Relay w/ SIGA-TS4 Trim Skirt — SIGA-IB Detector Mounting Base w/Fault Isolator — SIGA-IB4 4-inch Detector Mounting Base w/ Fault Isolator and SIGA-TS4 Trim Skirt — SIGA-LED Remote Alarm LED. (Connects to the SIGA-SB or SIGA-SB4 Standard Base only.) — SIGA-AB4G Audible (Sounder) Base for Fire Detectors — SIGA-AB4GT Audible (Sounder) Base for CO and Fire Detectors — SIGA-TCDR Temporal Pattern Generator — SIGA-CRR Polarity Reversal Relay can be used for sounding to other audible bases on the same 24 Vdc circuit. — SIGA-TS4 Trim Skirt (supplied with 4-inch bases) — SIGA-DMP Detector Mounting Plate — SIGA-RTA Detector Removal Tool — SIGA-VA Detector Cleaning Tool
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