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Fire-Lite LCD-80F Fire Alarm Annunciator [NEW]

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Questions (4)

What are the dip switch settings for the LCD-80F?
1 -ON = Key-switch disabled, OFF = Key-switch enabled.

Switch 1 set to the OFF position enables key-switch operation. The key-switch may now be used to enable the LCD-80F membrane switches, allowing remote switch functions, or lockout the switches, preventing remote switch functions

Switch 1 set to the ON position disables the key-switch operation. Refer to “Switch Functions” on page 16, for key-switch function description.

2 -ON = Piezo sounder enabled, OFF = Piezo sounder disabled.

CAUTION: Piezo sounder must not be disabled without prior approval of the Local Authority Having Jurisdiction (LAHJ).

3 -ON = Supervision Receive/Transmit, OFF = Supervision Receive Only.

• One Annunciator - if a single LCD-80F is the only annunciator connected to the EIA-485 loop, Switch 3 must be set to the ON position to allow the FACP to supervise the annunciator.

• Multiple Annunciators - if multiple LCD-80F annunciators are connected to the EIA-485 loop, the annunciator physically connected as the last device on the loop (farthest from the ‘OUT’ terminals on the FACP) must have Switch 3 set to the ON position in order to supervise all annunciators on the loop. All remaining annunciators must have Switch 3 set to the OFF position for proper supervision and operation.

It is important to note that the function switches on all LCD-80F annunciators will operate regardless of the setting of Switch 3.

A break (open circuit) in the power or EIA-485 connections creates an LCD-80F Annunciator fault at the control panel. All annunciators before the break will continue to display information (but the function switches on these LCD-80Fs will no longer operate).

4 through 6 = Configuration for future use. Set to OFF.
What are the field connections for the LCD-80F?
P1-1: EIA-485 OUT (+)
P1-2: EIA-485 IN (+)
P1-3: EIA-485 OUT (-)
P1-4: EIA-485 IN (-)

P2-1: no connection
P2-2: 24VDC IN (+)
P2-3: 24VDC OUT (+)
P2-4: 24VDC IN (-)
P2-5: 24VDC OUT (-)
P2-6: Earth Ground Option
P2-7: Earth Ground Option
What if I need to return this?
All products are covered by our 90-day warranty and come with a prepaid UPS return label and RMA form. Returning products has never been this easy.
What if I need support?
Our friendly team is on hand with expert advice and assistance. Contact us Mon-Fri 8am-8pm by phone (888.303.2656), by email ( or using our online chat. Responses within 1 business day (if not sooner!)

Product Description

The LCD-80F Fire Alarm Annunciator is an 80-character, backlit LCD remote Fire Annunciator for use with Fire•Lite MS-9200UD Series and MS-9600 Series Fire Alarm Control Panels.

Displays complete system point status information and includes control switches for remote control of critical system functions. Local piezo sounder with alarm and trouble resound.

Up to 32 LCD-80Fs may be connected onto the EIA-485 terminal port of each Fire Alarm Control Panel.

The LCD-80F requires no programming.
Please note: All parts should be installed and tested by a certified fire alarm company.