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Fire-Lite AFM-32AF Annunciator Fixed Module

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Product Description

The Fire-Lite AFM-32AF Annunciator Fixed Module contains 32 red Alarm LEDs. The AFM-32AF does not support expanders and only one may be used per system. Fully compatible with the Sensiscan 2000 (CPU-2000) and the Sensiscan 200 (CPU-200).
This part is also eligible for a $25 core return refund. After you replace your panel, send us the damaged one and receive a refund back to your credit card, a payment through PayPal, or a store credit.
Please note: All parts should be installed and tested by a certified fire alarm company.

Questions (5)

What are the field connections for the AFM-32AF?
TB 1-1: 24VDC (+)
TB 1-2: 24VDC (-)
TB 2-1: EIA-485 (+)
TB 2-2: EIA-485 (-)
What does it mean if the System Trouble LED is flashing on an AFM-32AF?
If the Annunciator loses communication with the control
panel, the yellow System Trouble LED will flash.
What are the jumper options for the AFM-32AF?
Jumper JP1 (brown)
Cut this jumper to display the
status of the eight CPU functions
in the first eight points
on the annunciator.

Jumper JP2 (red)
Cut this jumper to enable the local
piezo to sound during alarm, trouble,
or supervisory activity within the system.

Jumper JP3 (orange)
Cut this jumper to enable the Local
Silence/Acknowledge switch and all
point control switches (on the AFM-32AF).

This will allow the execution of
system control functions, such as ACKNOWLEDGE
and RESET, from the

Note: Jumper JP1 must also be cut to
execute these functions.
What if I need to return this?
All products are covered by our 90-day warranty and come with a prepaid UPS return label and RMA form. Returning products has never been this easy.
What if I need support?
Our friendly team is on hand with expert advice and assistance. Contact us Mon-Fri 8am-8pm by phone (888.303.2656), by email ( or using our online chat. Responses within 1 business day (if not sooner!)