Silent Knight 5204 (4-zone FACP) Replacement Board

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Silent Knight's 5204 Fire Alarm Control Panel provides local fire alarm control for up to four zones and central station communications with the optional Model 5205 Digital Communicator. The 5204 provides 3 amp current for external devices and two 1.5 amp supervised notification circuits. The system is compatible for use with both 2- and 4-wire smoke detectors. COMPATIBLE COMPONENTS / ACCESSORIES: — SK-5205 Dialer Module. Enables the 5204 to function as a communicator panel. — SK-2608 Ground Start Relay Used for ground start phone lines(not UL listed). — SK-4180 Status Display Module For remote annunciation of alarm and trouble status information for each zone. — SK-5220 Direct Connect Module For direct alarming and trouble transmission from the 5204 to a supervising station. — SK-5230 Remote Annunciator. Provides complete system control. — Quick connect program cable, part number 130294. For temporarily connecting the 5230 to the 5204 for programming. — SK-5293 Distributed Power Module. For connecting more notification devices than the 5204 normally allows. — SK-5530 Modem. Modem for downloading; required if using the 5541 software. — SK-7181 Zone Converter. Converts a zone from class B (style B) to class A (style D) or from class A to class B. Use one 7181 per zone to be converted.
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